Karim Mathieu Durant

Born in 1986, Karim Mathieu Durant grows in Melun, Seine-et-Marne. It is unintentionally that his father, a big movie fan, provokes in Karim an early attraction to cinema. In his teenage years, the attraction turns into a strong passion, he discovers different audiovisual crafts, narrative techniques, editing, screenplay and he directs and co-host his high school's TV news show.

His professional projects take shape, Karim focuses mainly on writing and directing, but the sudden death of his father in 2003 cast doubt on his ambitions. It is his renewed contact with Mikael Grzybowski, that will allow him, two years later, to reconnect with his cinematic desires. In 2005 both of them decide not to pursue their studies, and to devote themselves to cinema.

This same year, Karim meets Marie Aw by landing a role, his first experience as an actor, in a short film co-directed by the latter. His love and ease for acting allowed him to play in music videos and short films. But the need to write took over and he stopped going to castings. In 2009, Marie Aw calls him back and he accepts the lead role of TNJVLM. This intense shooting  experience marks a new period in the life of Karim, as he now devotes more time to his acting work, and opens a third path (with writing and staging) on his road in the big screen's world.